My Experience when I went to Altar

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In 2012 I and my friends went to Altar for weekend. In Altar I was amazed by all of the ride and facilities there. Especially the light from the rides it lighten the Altar.

I and my friends tried all of the ride.For example kincir angin,kuda-kudaan,kora-kora and etc.The most shocking one was after we played kora-kora I felt like I couldn’t breath because the kora-kora was so fast and the wind was quite strong in that time. So, it made me felt a bit sick.

The last games or facilities we tried were ghost house or ruman hantu. I already told my friend to not go there but she kept forcing me all of us to went there because she was curious about what is looked like and what’s in it. So, we decided to go in. We just walked for view minutes we saw something fell from the top, when I saw it, it was spider. My friend started too shouted. Next, when we continued our journey someone touched my friend’s shoulder; she started too jumped away and screamed. I was so shocked when I saw it, it was someone’s hand. Even thought the ghost was normal human like us, when I saw it I kind of felt scared because of the makeup they put on their face it seems so real.

The time showed us for us to go home, but before we went home we bought some candy floss. That was the most amazing day I spent with my friends’ had a lot of feelings about that day until I couldn’t describe it with word.


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