Now days, most of young people in the world are lazy and less creative. The activities they like to do are social network, clubbing and some of them like to eat drugs. From those three problems the one that have big impact to young people is drugs. If they try drugs it will get addicted for them. They don’t care how much it cost and what’s the effect for them. Some of them eat drugs because of their friends. For example if someone already gets addicted they don’t care where they get the money from to buy it, and without they know it they will die soon because of those drugs. Not only that they also becoming lazy and not creative any more. We should feel bad if we take drugs because our parents, who already pay the school for us and they always protect us. Then we have friends too who always care for us. So, I suggest we are the young people and we are the next generation for our country. Then we should say “NO TO DRUGS“.


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